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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Vandals Caught!!!!

Last night we caught the kids who were vandalizing our mailbox. A neighbor caught them with lighter fliud in there hand and our mailbox was on fire. The neighbor put out the fire and brought the kids to the door. I was really pissed and called the cops. It was a couple of 13 year old kids from down the street. I told the cop early on I didnt want to press charges, but wanted him to give the kids a little scare. He frisked them and put them in the back of the car and started talking to them about spending the holidays in juvi-hall. They called their parent and needless to say they were not happy with their kids. In the end the mailbox didnt really have much damage and the parents are going to pay for a new bush, and hopefully the kids will think twice about doing stupid stuff like this again, and the vandalism to our mailbox is hopefully over.


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